Thinking-about, designing-for, building-with and launching things on the web since 1998. Find out more.

You get around a bit in a decade and a half.

Luckily it’s been time well spent, working on all kinds of stuff with all kinds of people. From digital studios and ad agencies to startups and freelance clients, I’ve been involved in projects from the very start, through to launch and beyond.

I'm now focusing on projects involving design systems and component/pattern libraries; growth opportunities in experience design and digital strategy; and to keep bringing useful, delightful things to life on the web and beyond.

But first, take a look below to see what’s been going on up until now

Working Not Working.

As a long-standing member of this highly-curated creative community 💅 I was thrilled to help with the redesign, rebuild and relaunch of WNW.

Product Development.

Heading up front-end, I worked as part of the product team helping to inform the strategy, design, development and launch of product features for the new version of the Working Not Working platform.

Sitting somewhere in the middle of a talented team of designers, art directors, product managers and developers, I built the front-end and played a key role in thinking through feature strategy and user experience challenges.

Redesign. Rebuild. Rethink.

With a totally new brand and creative direction to work with, the project was more than just a redesign. Existing features were assessed and improved, major new features were added and the opportunity was taken to rethink the foundation of the product.

Nothing was out of bounds for my role; working across disciplines I was involved in a diverse range of tasks including helping mould user flows, wrestling with color palettes, designing UI elements and honing slick animations.

Design & Pattern Library.

A brand new platform meant a brand new front-end. After designing a bespoke CSS framework and pattern library to build and style the product, I handed it over to the team so they could continue shipping new features without reinventing the wheel.

Squarespace with Preacher.

Projects for two creative powerhouses, one legendary public broadcaster and one fabled concert venue; all in partnership with a top-drawer creative agency and one of the web’s best SaaS products🙏

Leon Bridges.

Needing a new website to showcase not just his music, but also a beautiful mini documentary and commercial that aired during the Grammy Awards ceremony, modern soul icon Leon Bridges turned to Squarespace and Preacher.

Across different disciplines and with multiple client stakeholders, I mapped out information architecture, iterated on wireframes and used Squarespace’s brand new developer platform to launch a beautiful, responsive and fully bespoke home for all things Leon.

Danny Clinch.

Music photographer Danny Clinch, responsible for iconic shots of the world’s biggest rock stars needed a new site to showcase and sell his photos, films and books.

Working with Squarespace and Preacher, I defined site structure and created interactive wireframes visualizing the organization and layout of content. Then with a clean, stripped-back design built and launched Danny's custom photographer’s gallery for the web.

Part portfolio and part e-commerce, it was all built on Squarespace and managed through their powerful publishing platform.

Live at 9:30.

When Squarespace teamed up with PBS and the legendary 9:30 Club in Washington, D.C. for a new music and comedy show, it was only ever going to have one home on the web.

Working with Preacher and developers Wild, I worked out site structure, wireframed layouts, helped inform content strategy and mapped content onto the Squarespace Developer Platform.

The final site houses episodes, galleries, blog posts and a merch store with one custom Squarespace site powering it all.

The Squarespace Developer Platform.

Getting to work with Squarespace’s Developer Platform in its infancy, using pre-release development tools and interfacing with Squarespace’s product team was a real honor — as was launching Squarespace sites with custom designs totally separate from Squarespace’s own templates.*

* No offense Squarespace templates, you’re great at what you do.


From UX and interaction design to digital strategy and web development, I helped Austin creative agency Preacher find their digital feet👟

Before they were Austin’s newest, award-winning shop, Preacher needed to establish their brand online and begin to show off their work. I helped them realize their creative vision for the web, building and launching their first full portfolio site.

The site needed to house numerous case studies, editorial content and introduce the Preacher brand to potential clients. The result was a responsive, CMS-powered site that showcased Preacher’s strong aesthetic, helping them start strong and go from strength-to-strength.

The Last Days of Ivory.

Oscar-winning director Kathryn Bigelow’s short film The Last Days of Ivory exposed the role of the illegal ivory trade in funding international terrorism. To raise awareness for the cause via the film, she partnered with Preacher.

Working alongside strategy and design, I helped build a scrappy digital campaign to get the word out and urge viewers to take action. In launching a lean, responsive website for the cause, we empowered visitors to help and share the message in any way they could.

The smart strategy, colorful design and modern build of the site helped transform a short film into a full-blown cause and won a Webby award to boot.

Collected Work for clients & agencies.

What do luxury shoes, Mexican soda, a social impact agency and an events startup have in common? They’re all summarized here to save your scrolling finger👆


Unifying maximum social impact with business success sounds difficult, but it’s the speciality of Enso, a creative agency based in Santa Monica, CA.

In partnership with a local boutique agency, I bridged the creative/technical divide, working on content strategy, drawing-up site maps, building interactive wireframes and developing the site with an integrated CMS back-end.


Jon Buscemi makes really expensive sneakers. But they’re also absurdly luxurious sneakers highly sought after by celebrities and streetwear fanatics.

Working closely with Buscemi’s in-house art direction, I acted as designer and developer iterating rapidly on designs within the browser and building bespoke templates on the Shopify platform.

The result was a sleek and minimal online store, perfectly suited to the purveyor of the world’s highest-end street footwear.


One of Mexico’s most popular sodas, there’s no mistaking a bottle of Jarritos; their bright colors and namesake “little jugs” labels make for distinctive and delicious drinks.

Jarrito’s previous site was much-lauded, but unfortunately Flash-based. Working across IA, interaction design and front-end development, I was at the center of a fast-moving GSD&M team, relaunching the site as a beautiful and award-winning responsive experience.

While the site has sadly been replaced by simpler regional sites, you can read more about the project on my old website and see the bones of the striking artwork in the various country-specific brand sites that live-on today.


Making sense of what’s going on around you in a large city can be tough — how do you decide what’s worth your time? To answer this question, my co-founders and I started a curated, events guide for Austin, TX.

As the technical part a scrappy product triangle, I advised my partners on all things product and responsive design while building the responsive site from scratch with an integrated CMS back-end.

We got some great traction, but sadly the site is mothballed for the time being. However, you can still read more on my old website.