A new web presence for a major rebrand in the vehicle engineering world.

Mira are world leaders in vehicle engineering and testing. After undertaking a major rebranding project with Design Religion and approaching Ridgeway to redesign and reengineer their web presence from the ground up, I was involved with building out the user interface for the main Mira website.

Screenshot of Mira site on large screen

The front-end build consisted of taking Ridgeway’s visual design and blowing out the look across a wide number of different content pages. Included in this was some subtle elements of interaction design, front-end development work associated with building a dramatic, full-width homepage carousel and a bold, slide-down vertical-displacement global navigation.

Screenshot of Mira site on large screen

The back-end development was completed by Ridgeway using the KenticoCMS platform and was designed and built before the widespread adoption of responsive web design techniques.


Agency: Ridgeway
Design Matt Bartlett (Ridgeway)
Development (Back-end): Ridgeway
Development (Front-end): Joel Parr

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