Creating Austin’s newest and most beautiful mobile-first, responsive event calendar.

A collaboration between Alex Roka, Anthony DeGennaro and myself, Wanderless was launched as modern, curated event calendar focusing primarily on Austin’s music scene, but also covering the rapidly expanding culinary movement as well as the arts, cultural events and film.

Alex handled branding and visual design duties whilst he and I collborated on UX issues and elements of interaction design. I built both the back and front-end of the site, using Microsoft .NET MVC3 to interface with the Osmek cloud CMS that powers the authoring and publishing of events on the back-end. The front-end is hand-rolled JavaScript and CSS3 and is fully responsive and optimized for smartphone, tablet and desktop breakpoints, providing a fully mobile-friendly event calendar for use on-the-go.

Screenshot of Wanderless on mobile devices

Wanderless got off to a great start, with a small but targeted guerilla marketing campaign around Austin, amassing an avid initial audience of users who came to rely on the authority of the site’s hand-picked and highly curated event selection. Contrasting with other event listing services in Austin, throughout popular events such as SXSW 2013 and the inaugural United States Formula 1 Grand Prix held in Austin, Wanderless could be relied on to provide tip-offs to a mix of both underground and mainstream events, all of which would be of interest to the site’s target audience.

Screenshot of Wanderless on large screen

Unfortunately, due to a number of circumstances beyond our control, the site has laid largely fallow both content and new feature wise since Autumn 2013. We are actively seeking to reboot Wanderless in 2014, rechallenging the event-listing status quo in Austin and adding new features that are as-yet unexplored in the events space.


Art Direction: Alex Roka
Design: Alex Roka
Product: Anthony DeGennaro
Development: Joel Parr

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